Vikalp Party Agenda and Manifesto

(Special thanks to Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta as much of this manifesto has been modified from his writings)

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1. Introduction – What is Gazette and its importance 

2. Why Vikalp Party (VP) ? 

3. How will Vikalp Party get proposed Gazette Notification like RTR-CM etc. implemented ?

4. Citizen-Verifiable, Government Websites for Transparency in Public Fund Spending

5. Proposed Transparent Media Portal (=Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure (TCP) = Citizens` Verifiable Media (CVM)) can reduce poverty, corruption, MNC domination in 4 months 

6. We will implement Right to Recall procedures – RTR-CM and RTR-MLA  

7. Jury System proposed for quick and fair trials and to improve courts 

8. Reduce Poverty in few months by Mineral Royalty for Citizens and Military (MRCM)

9. Reducing, streamlining Reservations using approvals of poor SC, ST and OBCs and reducing need of Reservation 

10. Promoting Swadeshi, Reducing wrongful MNC-owners’ domination and Reducing FDI

11. Electoral Reform   

12. Improving Police 

13. Improving Maths, Law, etc. Education 

14. Improving Land Records 

15. Improving Agriculture and Improving Ration Card 

16. Improving National ID (Uid)

17. Reduce inflation, Improve RBI

18. Improving Moral Values, National character and Moral Education 

19. Reducing alcoholism and drug addiction and related crime 

20. Cancel tax treaties Mauritius, Singapore, Fiji TODAY itself. No delay 

21. Demonetization of currency - Time Pass and Real Solution of Black Wealth 

22. Housing : Reducing and stabilizing House prices 

23. Health : Improving Medicare system   

24. Climate Change and Environmental Protection 

25. Encouraging Indian Languages


1. Introduction – What is Gazette and its importance

Country runs on what is printed in gazette (government magazine), not on bhashans and slogans nor on just concepts. Gazette of India has detailed instructions - which official has to do what work. 

For example - 500 and 1000 rupees note was banned not because PM gave a nice speech on it but because it was printed in the gazette (on instructions of the PM). 

Whether a PM or CM is doing bad or good, he/she has to give instructions which will be printed in gazette and other officials can follow them only if they are printed in the gazette.

So, activists and citizens must decide which drafts to be printed in the Gazette. Also, activists/citizens must ask their favorite netas and election candidates to demand BEFORE ELECTION via their website, twitter etc. which drafts they want to be printed in Gazette.

You may vote for best person but please promote good procedure-drafts for good of country, you and your family.

Work of a Public servant is to propose such policies by which corruption, crime etc. burning problems of the society are solved. And there is no guarantee that after winning elections, a candidate does not turn around ; that is why only making promises are not useful. That is why a good party`s aim and motto should be that first see our work and then give us vote and support.

Before taking any support from the Public, it is must to show them the full proposed procedures. It may happen that Public likes that proposal or gives feedback on that proposal or gives an even better proposal. But to ask support from Public without showing them any proposed procedure is clear-cut fraud with the Public.

2. Why Vikalp Party ?

Vikalp Party is the only party which has put BEFORE ELECTIONS on its FB page and website drafts which it would like to be printed in Gazette. Party has put beginner pamphlets of TCP, RTR-MLA, RTR-CM and Jury in lower courts on its FB page and websie which can be downloaded and distributed by anyone and party is promoting these pamphlets amongst masses. (see for drafts and pamphlets). Summary of these drafts are also presented in this party manifesto along with the links for full drafts.

Drafts for other proposals mentioned in this manifesto are not ready and party cannot commit when they will be ready. We invite all citizens and activists to join our party and help us in this mission to change system via getting implemented better Gazette notifications. The activists/citizens can register at our website with their Voter number and can register their proposed Gazette notifications on the website. Other citizens can support or oppose these issues along with their Voter number. Please see later sections for details.

3. How will Vikalp Party get proposed Gazette Notification like RTR-CM etc. implemented ?

We also have a Citizens` Verifiable media (CVM) website – cross-verifiable by any citizen – where any citizen can get registered with his/her Voter number/mobile and display their opinion along with their Voter number by sending appropriate code-SMS. Demo of the same can be seen at

On above mentioned Public SMS counting Server, citizens can give their complaints and suggestions in the form of drafts. If the draft is in the interest of commons and if sufficient number of Voter number supports (example – 5000 registered Voter number supports) come on the party website for that draft, party will promote this issue by all means and also arrange a meeting with PM/CM and with other representatives.

Compared to signature support, Voter ID internet support is authentic. Because commons cannot cross-verify the signatures nor can commons contact the signature giver and obtain more information while citizens can get address from Voter ID number and contact and cross-verify.

If any of the representative denies to fulfill the demand we will ask them to announce their reason to commons, why they are refusing? Public SMS Server will create a verifiable platform for commons to present themselves until TCP proposal (Citizens` Verifiable media platform) is not added in gazette.

All the Voter number support data on party website will be in excel format which can be seen by anyone and downloaded by anyone. This ensures that data is not destroyed even if site shuts down due to unforeseeable circumstances. Besides, we ask all to collect voter number support for an issue on excel sheet and upload on internet. All the excel sheet data for an issue can be merged removing duplicates.

If in an area, sufficient number of citizens publicly display and prove their support on internet via Voter ID number and demand from their Public servants, these proposed procedures will come in that area and crime and corruption etc. will reduce in that area.

Example – Right to Information (RTI) act first came in Rajasthan in 1999 when thousands from all walks of life demanded it and Rajasthan CM was forced to implement it. Later this movement spread to other states and RTI was implemented all over the country. 

4. Citizen-Verifiable government websites for Transparency in Public Fund Spending

If voted to power, we will implement Citizen-Verifiable Transparency Government websites having details of Public Fund Spending as described below. And even if not in power, we will pressurise the officials with the help of support of masses to implement these kind of citizen-verifable websites

A. Introduction and problem

Today, the citizens pay tax money and with that tax money, the expenses of administration and court get paid. And the citizens have to evaluate the work of the officials. Where there is any wrongdoing, they have to report so that the wrong-doer can be stopped. But any citizen or any activist can only properly evaluate things when there is sufficient information in public. But it is often seen that Indian public cannot access this information easily. Only way is to undergo travails of RTI and even that does not guarantee that correct info will be given or will be given at all.

Let us see an example –

In 2015, a RTI application was files in which was asked how much the Government spent on case in which Salman Khan was alleged to have trampled people under his car. Reply came that in 2012, the concerned files got burnt, that is why this information cannot be given !! And the government was unable to re-gather and get this information !! Besides this, the criminal elements harass or even kill the RTI activists in order to suppress the information.

Let us see one more example –

Today, it is very common that a road is made and after few years, the road gets broken since inferior quality material was used for the road construction. Due to the potholes in the road, accidents occur and people die. Public does not know to whom the road construction tender was given and which official inspected the road construction or the payment was released by which officials to the contractor. And without this the activist / citizens are unable to stop corruption.

Indian public cannot access this information easily. Only way is to undergo travails of RTI and even that does not guarantee that correct info will be given or will be given at all.

Other countries people can easily access lot of information and thus can make useful decisions for themselves and the country. Same is not the case with Indian public. So, Indians are forced to either remain indecisive or become andh-bhakts

In other countries like US, many states like Nebraska etc. show the voting details publicly, who voted for whom.

Please see

B. So what is the solution ?

One short term solution , that is which the officials at any level can implement is to make transparent government websites in which public can see what work was done by the officials, which official approved payment to which contractor. And all this information should be easily searchable by any citizen by entering the name of the official or contactor or a date and the citizen should be easily be able to download this information.

This kind of website, if made, citizens do not have to beg to ask for any kind of government record nor do they have to lose their lives. Today, the citizens cannot find out whether the evidence or statement given by them is not destroyed after one day or one month or few months. But if these kind of transparency government websites are made, possibility of suppressing evidences / statements almost becomes zero. Officials will see that it is not possible to easily suppress the evidences since now the evidences are visible to lakhs-crores and easily searchable / downloadable by anyone. And the criminal elements will also understand that the evidences are now public – so harassing / killing the witnesses is useless. So, when the evidences do not get suppressed, the area for which such website is made, will see reduction in crime and corruption.

See an example how checkbook expenses can be shown –

C. What the activists can do to bring these systems and laws and reduce corruption and crime in short time in their area and in the whole country

1. Voter number / address support collected on a piece of paper and photo put on internet and shared –

Because it is easier for activists / citizens to work together with others in their district rather than at state / national level, all activists and Citizens can demand similar website from officials of their area. The activists should collect Voter number (or address if one does not have Voter number) support for these demands on a piece of paper and scan and display the Voter number support. Adding Voter number or address makes the displayed data citizen-veriable. Citizen-verifiable means that any citizen can take a sample of data, get their contact address and contact and cross-verify the data. Thus, citizens can prevent falsehood from being presented as truth.
Below is a sample campaign for demanding website for transparency in road construction and repair from municipal commissioner –

We, the residents of ____ (your city name), demand from the Commissioner of (your city name) to make a website and put the following details regarding the construction and repair of roads in (your city name) so that citizens can keep watch on the quality of roads –
1. Contract bids and Contractors info : Contracts were given on what basis to whom along with name of deciding officer
2. Counter Pad info of all Cheque-books issued for government expenditure – name of officer who passed the expenditure
3. Past Contracts — Contracts and expenditures from previous fiscal years must be included on the website according to previously told details.
4. More powerful searches: Tracking Contractor specific payments made easier for residents so they can now easily search for the Contractor’s location, the month the payment was awarded, which officer passed the payment or inspected the materials used in road construction or easily distinguish grants from contracts.
5. Detailed Report of inspection of sample of materials used in the road – name of officers who conducted the inspection

If you support this demand, please put your name and Voter number (or address if you do not have Voter number) below on this paper. This will be put on internet publicly so that others can contact and cross-verify the data and the government officials cannot escape via transfer etc. means and will have to implement this. If sufficient number of Voter number supports are displayed, wherever the government officials go, the citizens will ask them to give a good reason why they have not acted when thousands / lakhs of people are demanding this.

Also, please call / sms Municipal Commissioner of (your city name) (mobile number – _____) and instruct him regarding these demands.

Serial number             Name                                                                           Voter number / Address

2. Calling / sending SMS to the concerned officials like Municipal commissioner etc. in large numbers

3. Twitter accounts can be created having Voter number or address in twitter profileand appropriate tweets to concerned officials can be sent with appropriate links and hashtags.

4.  Opinion displayed publicly via SMS along with Voter number – SMS can also be collected and displayed along with Voter number. For demo, see

5. Videos having these demands along with Voter number /address – Activists can also make and upload videos mentioning these demands, their voter number or address.

For detailed proposal for our transparent website, please see –

For more information please join – and follow –

5. Proposed Transparent Media Portal (=Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure (TCP) = Citizens` Verifiable Media (CVM)) can reduce poverty, corruption, MNC domination in few months

Poor condition of Today`s system - Let us say, in some area there happened a corruption or crime and citizen files a 10 page complaint or FIR regarding it or gives his witness statement and citizen gets copy of complaint/FIR, then it is very easy for a corrupt officer to form a nexus with criminals and suppress evidences/witness statements. This is because in present system, citizens cannot see their own filed FIR or application once they submit the same.

And in today`s system, criminals can easily threaten the witnesses; even the witnesses are many times killed. Because the criminals know that not many persons have access to the proofs and witness statements and that proofs can easily be suppressed by suppressing or killing the witness.

Let us say, that the person who wrote the complaint/submitted evidence or the group of that person has a big newspaper which reaches lakhs of homes. And they put every word of the 10 page complaint/evidence in the newspaper. Now, if each and every word of the 10 page complaint/evidence reaches lakhs of homes, then it is obvious that it will be much more difficult for the corrupt to suppress compared to the situation when the evidence is only at one office and only a few people can see the full evidence.

  But the problem is that very few people can spend daily lakhs-crores to run such a newspaper which reaches lakhs of homes. That is why as of today, it is very easy to suppress the truth and it is very easy to spread lies because corrupt people have connections with media owners while commons do not have any such contact. Corrupt persons have lot of reach while commons have very less reach.

Trivial Solution If such a procedure comes that Citizen can put copy of their complaint, evidence etc. affidavit on PM, MP, MLA etc. popular website of representative, then reach of the commons will increase and other citizens can also find out from the Voter list whether the person is fake or real. And since the stamp paper has address of the affidavit filer, other citizens can contact that person and get more information or clear their doubts. So, if other citizen is fully satisfied and finds that the matter on the affidavit is beneficial for all, then other citizen will try to spread the evidence, complaint etc. to as many persons as possible.  
     If citizens have a citizen-verifiable optional procedure that they can show to the public their proofs, opinion etc. along with voter ID number ; then the police officer will see that these proofs can no longer be suppressed since lakhs-crores must have seen them
. And criminals also will understand that the witness has shown his statement to the public – so there is no benefit of harming or killing the witness. In this way, guilty will be punished and corruption will reduce and life of the witness will be also be saved.

Why Indian citizens need this law desperately?

Biggest flaw in present Indian administration is that citizens do not have any citizen-verifiable method to put their clear-cut demand in a collective manner.

If elite want to put their views before public, then they can do it easily via their connections in media but if public wants to put their demands in front of the administration, then they are forced to use unorganized methods like Anshan-dharna, signature campaign, memorandum, blocking roadways, sloganeering etc. But all these methods do not generate any citizen-verifiable proof, meaning there is no proof of support or oppose counts for a specific issue which other citizens can themselves cross-verify. Since these methods are not citizen-verifiable, these methods are not relied upon and not taken seriously by citizens or officials. Without citizen-verifiable proof, no pressure is created on officials and they can easily give some excuse not to do required work.

In government sites like, citizens have no option to display their complaints, opinions etc. along with their Voter ID number and due to this other citizens cannot know whether the complaint filer is a genuine person or fake. Fake IDs, likes and comments are sold on facebook, etc. social media and without any means of contact, it is not possible to find whether the ID is true or fake. But in TCP procedure, the opinions of citizens will come along with their Voter ID number on CM website, so that any citizen themselves can take sample of the data of Voter ID numbers, obtain address of citizens, contact them and find whether the data is true or false.

Those who do not have internet, they will also be able to use this procedure by going to collector office or any other specified government office and get their application as affidavit scanned onto CM or PM website. Because any person can change their opinion any time, this procedure is immune to money-buyout, media power or gangster power or any kind of manipulation. Since the procedure is citizen-verifiable, any citizen can himself/herself verify what is the truth and what is not the truth.

With implementation of this procedure, proposals of citizens cannot be suppressed easily. This increases  possibility of other pro-common procedures to be implemented which will decrease poverty, corruption in few months. Please read more regarding this in especially chapter 1, 5, 6, 21, 22, FAQ or contact us.
     This procedure is optional and is safe. If you wish, you can keep your name confidential and ask your friend or an honest officer to file the affidavit in his/her name. If TCP is in place, any person can file copy of evidences etc. against corrupt Police, judges and politicians and show it to public and it will be difficult to suppress the submitted evidences, therefore the Police, judges and politicians will be afraid to help the gangsters. And that is why the gangsters will reduce their criminal activities.

Summary of Proposed Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP = Transparent Media Portal = Citizens` Opinion Gathering and Display)

¨               (1) Citizens` verifiable media Any citizen can put his complaint, suggestion etc. on an affidavit (stamp paper) & get it scanned completely onto PM / CM website along with Voter ID no. of the citizen by going to collector etc. specified office and paying Rs. 20 per page fee. This scanned affidavit along with verified Voter ID number will be visible to all without any need to login.

¨               (2) Citizens` support/oppose on filed affidavit (2.1) Any voter can get displayed his yes/no on already filed affidavit as per clause 1 on PM / CM website along with Voter ID no. of the citizen by going to Village Officer (Patwari) etc. office and give Rs. 3 fee (The fee will be 5 paisa once sms system is in place). The Yes/No along with Citizen`s Voter ID number will be visible to all.

¨               (2.2) Safeguard clause – (Due to this clause, citizens can ensure that the procedure is immune to money, muscle or media power) – Citizen can cancel his yes/no any day without any fee.

¨               (3) Counts are not bindingThese yes-no counts will not be in any way binding on officials, minister, judge, MP, MLA etc. Their decision will be final.

Ø    This procedure is only this much. In simple words this procedure is saying that `Any citizen can get their proposal/ suggestion/complaint etc. as an affidavit scanned onto CM etc. specified government website along with their Voter ID number if he/she pays a certain specified fee.

Read full draft of Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure at or contact us.

6. We will implement Right to Recall procedures – RTR-CM and RTR-MLA

Right to Recall means that citizens of that area can by themselves replace their representative (MLA) any day. Citizens themselves can initiate the recall/replace procedure any day. Due to fear of losing Chair, 99% representative will improve their behavior and their work and those who do not improve their work can be replaced by better ones. Please note that these procedures improve behavior as well as services. And, it is often seen that those persons who improve their behavior and work are re-elected again; in this way these procedures improve stability. There is no need for any amendment for most of these recall procedures, CM / PM can pass these as a Government Order.

Summary of one of the most important laws which we have proposed to reduce corruption in India - RTR-MLA

1.               Citizens` verifiable media [Instructions for District Collector, CM] Any citizen can put his/her complaint, suggestion etc. on an affidavit (stamp paper) & get it scanned completely onto PM / CM website along with Voter ID no. of the citizen by going to collector etc. specified office and paying Rs. 20 per page fee. This scanned affidavit along with verified Voter ID number will be visible to all without any need to login.
Explanation Using this procedure, citizens can tell proof of work of officials in their area to other citizens so that based on these proofs, citizens can decide which official is doing good work and who is doing bad work.

2.               Registration of MLA Candidates [Instructions to District Collector] Any Indian citizen above age of 25 years can deposit fee equal to deposit of MLA election at Collector office and get his name displayed on CM website as MLA candidate.

3.               Approval by Common Citizens – (1.3.1) [Instructions to Patwari=Village Officer=Lekhpal] If a citizen comes in person to Patwari (Village Officer) office, pays Rs 5 fee, and approves at most five persons for MLA position, the Patwari would enter his approvals in the computer and would give receipt showing his voter-id#, finger print, date/time and the persons he approved. (The fee will be Rs 1 only once sms system is in place) The Patwari will put approvals of voters on website of CM with citizen’s voter-ID number and names of the candidates he approved.

(1.3.2) Safeguard clause (Due to this clause, citizens can ensure that the procedure is immune to money, muscle or media power) – Citizen can cancel any of his approvals any day without any fee.

4.               When can present MLA resign [Instructions to MLA] If the Voter population in that MLA constituency is less than 2 lakhs and if any MLA candidate has 10% more approvals (of all Voter population) than present MLA or any MLA candidate has approval of more than 51% total number of voters, then the present MLA can resign in 7 days (or he need not do so) and can promote the MLA candidate with the most approval. If the MLA constituency is of more than 2 lakhs and a MLA candidate has at least 5% more approvals (of total number of Voters) than the present MLA, the present MLA may resign.

5.               Motion to remove old MLA and election of new MLA [Instructions to speaker of Assembly, MLAs]

If condition mentioned in 1.4 is met and present MLA refuses to resign in 7 days, then the Speaker may or need not call a motion to expel that MLA in the Assembly. The decision of the Speaker will be final. Other MLAs may or need not approve the motion to expel that MLA.

[Instruction to Election Commission] If MLA resigns or is expelled, Election Commission will conduct new elections as per the norms. In the next election, the resigned or expelled MLA can fight.

Full draft of RTR- MLA see or contact us – one of our activists will speak to you shortly.
Full draft of RTR-CM, please see –

Besides replacing an inefficient Public servant, citizens can also use these procedures to retain an efficient and honest Public servant if citizens feel that the said Public servant was unfairly expelled.

     In similar manner will be the recall/replace procedure-drafts on other national/state level posts such as CM, Corporator, Mayor, Sarpanch etc. Only replace the word `MLA` with CM, Corporator, Mayer, Sarpanch etc. Final say on the thresholds will be decided according to majority approval by citizens by proposed TCP referendum procedure (see for draft)
For posts where crores will give approvals like PM, CM, etc., the alternative candidate should have at least 2% more (of ALL voters, not just those who voted) approvals than existing public servant to become the new public servant. For posts where 10-20 lakhs of common citizens will give their approvals like MLA, MP, etc., the alternative candidate should have at least 5% more (of ALL voters, not just those who voted) more approvals than existing public servant to become the new public servant. For posts where less than 10 lakhs of common citizens will give their approvals like Corporator, Sarpanch, etc., the alternative candidate should have at least 10% more (of ALL voters) more approvals than existing public servant to become the new public servant.  

  Special anti-bias Safeguard Provisions for Right to Recall proposed procedures

 For officials who are not elected, to the clauses mentioned for national/state level recall procedures add these points as safeguard for possible casteism or other bias factors present in few districts –

6.               With approval of over 51% of ALL citizen voters in the State, the CM can suspend this law for a district for 4 years and appoint official in that district as per his discretion.

7.               With approval of over 51% of ALL citizen voters in India, the PM can suspend this law for a State for 4 years and appoint officials in all districts in that State as per his discretion.

7. Jury System proposed for quick and fair trials and to improve courts

In Jury system, according to the case 15 to 1500 citizens are randomly chosen from Voter list who are called Jurors and these Jurors give the judgements instead of Judges.  The set of Jurors change after every case. Compared to Judge system, in Jury system nexus formation is more difficult and so judgements are more fair and quicker - judgements come within weeks instead of years.  Let us see one example.

Example of why nexus formation in Jury system is more difficult compared to Judge system Let us say, there are 100 court cases against a professional criminal and his gang in a year. Now, these 100 cases will go to 5-6 judges who are known by all. The criminal or his representative can go to relative lawyer of judge or his middleman and give bribe for the Judge via cheque on excuse of taking consultation. In return, judge will delay the case and the criminal will get time to buy or suppress the witnesses. In judge system. If judge takes money and does not do anything for the criminal, then the judge will never get bribe or favors in future. While if the judge manipulates the case for the criminal but the criminal does not pay him, then judge will tell all his friends not to do any work of the criminal since he does not pay even after his work has been done. In this way, in judge system nexus formation can easily form between a criminal and a judge.

Now if Jury system is in place of judge system, then for 100 cases instead of 5-6 judges 1500 randomly chosen Jurors will give the judgement. These Jurors are not repeated for at least 10 years. Jurors listen to one case from 10am in the morning to 5pm in the evening.  A common criminal cannot know who will be the Jurors until the last minute. And even if somehow, the criminal finds out who will be the Jurors for his case, even then forming a nexus between Jurors and criminals is much more difficult compared to that in judge system.

It will be difficult for the criminal accused and the 15 or more Jurors to decide if they want to do the bribe dealing before the judgement or after the judgement. If accused says that he will give bribe money after being acquitted, then Jurors will not trust him and if Jurors say that bribe money first and then only acquittal, accused will not trust the Jurors. That is why, in Jury system the case will not be delayed and judgement comes in few weeks and is more fair compared to judge system. For more info, please see , chapter 21, FAQs or contact us.

Summary of Proposed Jury System in lower courts (Govt. Ordinance to be signed by PM)

1. Citizens` verifiable media Any citizen can put his complaint, suggestion etc. on an affidavit (stamp paper) & get it scanned completely onto PM / CM website along with Voter ID no. of the citizen by going to collector etc. specified office and paying Rs. 20 per page fee. This scanned affidavit along with verified Voter ID number will be visible to all without any need to login. Explanation Using this procedure, citizens can easily share proof etc. info with other citizens and corrupt cannot easily suppress proof which is displayed in Public.

2.  Replaceable Jury administrator [Instructions for CM] CM will appoint a Jury Administrator for every district. The Jury Administrator can be replaced by citizens any day. Due to fear of losing job, 99% of officials improve their behavior and do their work properly and those who do not do their work will be replaced by better persons. 

3. Grand Jury and Formation of Jury [Instructions for Jury Administrator, Grand Jury] – In all cases of Murder, Rape, Corruption, Cow-slaughter, Adulteration and Marriage disputes the Jury Administrator will randomly choose 30 Grand Jurors, of which 10 Grand Jurors will be replaced by 10 new members every month. Grand Jury will decide according to the prima facie evidence whether there should be a Jury trial or not.  For every Jury case, Jury Administrator will randomly choose 15 to 1500 Jurors.

4. Trial and Judgement by Jurors [Instructions for Case Administrator] Trial will go from 11am to 5pm. Each party will present their case one by one for one hour. The hearing will go on for at least 2 days ; Jurors will decide by majority when the hearing should end. After the hearing, Jurors will deliberate for at least 2 hours. Every Juror will tell the amount of punishment, not more than the legal limit, which he thinks appropriate. Case Administrator will arrange the punishments in increasing order and declare the punishment which is not more than what 2/3rd majority approved as the punishment collectively imposed by the Jury.

Example – If the punishments stated by 15 Jurors in increasing order are 400,400,400,500,500,600,700,800,1000,1000,1200,1200,1400,1500,1500 rupees, then 500 rupees fine will be declared as this is the 5th lowest fine which is not more than what 2/3rd majority Jurors have given as punishment.

For full draft, please see or contact us.

8. Reduce Poverty in few months by Mineral Royalty for Citizens and Military (MRCM)

The MRCM-draft describes an administrative procedure which will enable a recallable national level officer to deposit rent of Government plots and mineral royalty directly into each citizen’s bank account.  This law gives citizens their legitimate and inherited share over the resources of the nation. This law can reduce poverty in few months and strengthen military and also ensure that every citizen gets social security.

How much will that amount be? Depends of prevailing land rent and prevailing mineral royalty – may be Rs 200 per month per person to may be Rs 800 per month per person. 

Atharvaved says : Aham Rashtrim Vasunam Sangamani i.e. I the nation own the natural resources. Thomas Jefferson, the second President of USA said

“It is a moot question whether the origin of any kind of property is derived from nature at all… It is agreed by those who have seriously considered the subject that no individual has, of natural right, a separate property in an acre of land, for instance. By a universal law, indeed, whatever, whether fixed or movable, belongs to all men equally and in common is the property for the moment of him who occupies it; but when he relinquishes the occupation, the property goes with it. ….” –Thomas Jefferson to Isaac McPherson, 1813.

For more details, please see -

9. Reducing, streamlining Reservations using approvals of poor SC, ST and OBCs and reducing need of Reservation

Aim of reservation is to uplift those sections of the society which has been suppressed for ages and is being suppressed even today. Because if there is too much inequality of communication means, education, jobs and other opportunities due to birth of the person in a particular caste or family, the whole society will suffer and merit will not be there.

However the provision of the reservation was kept in the constitution for a limited time only and to be reviewed after every 10 years or so. This meant that it was expected of the Public servants to make policies which will reduce or even eliminate the need of reservation. But no such policies have been made.

Another fact is that less than 10% of the student age population pass 12th class. So, reservation benefits also do not reach the intended, they reach only the creamy layer of the reserved castes. What is the solution ?

First step to reduce reservation :  Reducing Need for Reservation by getting printed appropriate Gazette Notifications for reducing Poverty, improving education and quick and fair trials

Proposed MRCM law-draft will reduce poverty (see chapter 5, for details). And the changes proposed in education, such as Right to Recall District Education Officer etc. will further reduce gap between education in dalits and upper castes (see chapter 30, for details). And the laws proposed in religious charities will reduce the discrimination Dalits face in temples (see Further, it is proposed to end all interviews at the level of initial recruitment in Police, Government, banks, RBI, SBI, judiciary, Govt lawyer and so forth, and this will also reduce the discrimination Dalits face in recruitment. These and all other gazette notifications to reduce corruption will increase merit.

Second step to reduce reservation : the system of “dole vs. reservation”

We support an administrative system, called as economic-choice to reduce demand for reservation in poor SC, ST and OBCs.

1. Any member of a sub-caste that belongs to ST, SC or OBC can walk to Tahsildar’s office, undergo verification and apply for economic-choice , where in
o he shall still retain his SC, ST, OBC status
o he shall receive inflation adjusted Rs 1000 per year, till he cancels economic-choice
o he will be eligible for reservation moment he cancels his economic-choice
o he will be ineligible for reservation till he has economic choice
o the number of reserved seats will decrease by those who opt for economic-choice
o a person will first get seat in his own quota and then general quota ; so if he is in general merit list as well, then he will not get seat in general merit list, but get seat in his own merit list.
o the money shall come from tax on land and nowhere else

2. Example : Say India has 100 crores of population of which 14 crores are SC. So if a college has 1000 seats of then 140 are reserved. Now suppose out of these 14 crore SCs, say 6 crore insist on economic-choice then each shall get payment of Rs 100 a month and reservation for SC will go down by 6% i.e. will become about 8%.

Most poor Dalits did not get much benefit from Reservation, and as elitemen in Dalits increased in numbers, the opportunities for poor dalits further reduced. The economic-choice creates a system by which the poor left out dalits can also get some benefit of the reservation as well. Many of them would opt for economic-choice as (opposed to social-choice that reservation offers). This will reduce reservation

Third step to reduce reservation : own-quota first

A person will first get seat in his own quota and then general quota ; so if he is in general merit list as well, then he will not get seat in general merit list, but get seat in his own merit list. So say there are 100 seats of which 14 are reserved for SCs. Now say 1000 students appear for exams of which say 100 are SCs. Now say 3 SCs are in top 100. Then they will get seat in the SC quota and so seats for SCs in their separate merit list will be 11.

So with economic choice, the reservation quota may reduce from 50% to say 10% or even less. Now many SC, ST and OBCs anyway make into the merit list. And so the effective reservation will decrease to even lesser, say 5%.

Fourth modification : giving higher preference to more backward

The communities which have lesser representation in administration will get more seats till their representation is at the same level. For this we need a complete caste census. Once a complete caste system is there, each sub-caste’s % representation in the administration of the country will be calculated. And higher preference will be given to sub-caste with lowest representation, till its representation becomes adequate.

For more details, please see chapter 38 of or contact us

10. Promoting Swadeshi, Reducing wrongful MNC-owners’ domination and Reducing FDI

Should we oppose all Multinational companies (MNCs)? No. Oppose which MNCs, where and why?

Many foreign companies are creating wealth such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Motorola and 1000s of such companies. But several corrupt MNCs, and even Indian super-corporates too, are more in the business of encroaching banks, mineral mines, TV-channels, newspapers and creating oligopolies. They are not in the business of wealth creation. 

And even amongst wealth creating MNCs, dominance and oligopoly can create severe problems in the area of Military. Eg if we import telecom equipment from a US company say Nortel. These switches have radio-receivers in them, which on receiving radio signals can be deactivated. If these switches are used in India, then during US-India war, US can disable the telecom network by merely pressing a button, and whole Indian Military will become deaf and blind and we will lose. That’s why hi-tech imports which may effect Military should be prohibited even from good MNCs.

Corrupt lobbies sponsored and Paid media promoted `Make in India` or majority of so called `fully indigenous` manufacturing is in fact importing of parts and assembling them in India. And most of the assembly lines and their spare parts are imported. Meaning, we are dependent on corrupt lobbies of other countries for our basic needs. This dependency is used by corrupt MNCs to blackmail and exploit our industrialists, politicians, etc. using Carrot and stick approach (meaning - benefit if they comply to favorable laws etc. demands of corrupt lobbies and suffer if they do not comply).

We need Government Orders (Gazette Notifications) which permit wealth creating companies to flourish and curb actions of the corrupt MNC-owners who do nothing but create monopolies. And we also need Gazette Notifications to ensure that the damage good MNCs can do on Military reduces.

What can India do to get rid of corrupt MNC-owners’ controls? We need to reduce their internal influence as well as increase our strength and productivity. To increase our strength and productivity, we need to reduce injustices in courts, police, polity etc by printing Right to Recall procedures, Jury System, Streamlining Tax collection by means of wealth tax etc in the Gazette. And we also need to print drafts in Gazette that will reduce strength of MNC-owners inside India. 

Please note that methods that aim to expel corrupt MNCs and not fix weaknesses in India will fail when MNC-owners send US Army. Eg using law, we can expel all MNCs like Coca-cola or McDonald etc. using law, we can also ban all missionaries. But when MNC-owners send US troops to further business interests of these companies, no law-draft will help. Only weapons will help in this case and we can`t manufacture weapons till we reduce the corruption and unfairness in our courts, police and administration. So laws to expel or demote corrupt MNC-owners are only short term and insufficient measures.

For full details see  and or contact us

11. Electoral Reform

Why ALL electoral reforms are useless without Right to Recall MPs, MLAs

We talk about electoral reforms, so that “chances” of getting bad person elected reduce and chances of getting good person getting elected increases. But unless we have Right to Recall, the chances that next elected candidate will become corrupt will remain extremely high. So most urgent and important task is RTR MLAs, RTR MPs etc. But then question is : existing MPs will never enact RTR laws as it goes against their financial interests. Then shall we wait till next election and replace MPs? Well, that will hurt us for next five years and will only benefit existing MPs – they can take bribes without worry for next five years. And the possibility of next batch of MPs selling out remains high. So solution is to raise a mass movement asking citizens to force existing PM, CMs to print TCP. Once PM and CMs have been forced to print TCP - Citizens` Verifiable Media System, citizens can enact RTR over PM, CMs, Supreme Court judges etc within a few months and also get implemented the following proposals –

1. Direct elections of CM, PM, Sarpanch, Mayor
2. Banning EVMs, back to paper ballots
3. Conducting polls on one day
4. Simplifying election form filling
5. Raising election deposits for wealthy candidates
6. Increasing number of citizen-voters who propose a candidate on form
7. Restricting number of candidates
8. Install Recall Voting (IRV) aka Preferential Voting
9. Eliminate optional withdrawal of candidates
10. Election and Proportionate Representation in Rajyasabha
11. Inner Party Democracy

For details, see chapter 40 of or contact us

12. Improving Police

BRV party proposes following administrative changes in police :

1. Enact procedure by which we commons can replace District Police Commissioner.

2. Jury System over Policemen : Empowering citizens to expel/fine a policeman.

3. Using wealth tax over land, triple the number of policemen

4. Using wealth tax over land, double the salaries of policemen

5. National-ID system to improve recording keeping and track criminals.

6. Computerization all crime records and all police stations

7. Disclosure of wealth of all policemen from Constables to DIG and their close relatives on internet.

Please see details in chapter 22 of or contact us

13. Improving Maths, Law, etc. Education

 Using TCP, activists should gather public opinion on the following :

1. Using proposed TCP, print following drafts in Gazette — Right to Recall over District Education Officer, State Education Minister, Central Education Minister and University Vice Chancellor etc.
2. Using TCP, print Saatya System draft to improve education of Maths, other important subjects
3. Provide law education starting class VI; provide education of tax laws including filling returns
4. Provide universal weapon use education
5. Give subsidies directly to students instead of colleges
6. Providing bilingual (English, Hindi or local language) textbooks for all subjects such as maths, science, geography, law-draft etc
7. Allowing students to take optional exams in English, if they want

Please see details in chapter 30 of or contact us

14. Improving Land Records

1.  Details of ALL property (individual and trust) should be searchable on net by name and Voter number of owner.

For example – If someone wants to find how much property and which property Mr. X having such and such Voter number owns, it will be visible to all and anyone can also search the same information.

This will help the public to know who has how much land and property and will help officials to track black property and benami property.

2. Enact a land record system similar to "Torrence System"

3. Notification of sale etc by SMS, email to owners  and their relatives

4. Insuring land / flat sales

Please see details in or contact us

15. Improving Agriculture and Improving Ration Card

1. Right to Recall over National / State Agriculture Minister and Right to Recall over National / State Irrigation Minister will reduce corruption in Agriculture and Irrigation.

2. Right to Recall over Agriculture Minister will also improve warehousing and number of cold storages. It will reduce food wastages.

3. Increase in support prices. This will enable farmers to pay for canal maintenance and water charges

4. The metering of agriculture water, and de-subsidizing the water will reduce water wastage, improve water supply, and also reduce water logging.

5. Ban harmful pesticides and cancel subsidies to all pesticides. Increase the support prices to cover the increase in prices.

6. Ban exports of all agricultural goods including basmati, meat, eggs, milk, cotton etc.

7. Ban Jatropa growing. We don’t have enough land and waters to grow food, and some people with 4-digit IQ want to grow crops so that car-owners can get diesel for cheap !!

8. Cancel all subsidies to chicken, eggs, meat production. This will reduce the amount of grain etc. needed, because 1 kg of meat needs same water/land etc. as 20 kg of wheat.

9. Cancel subsidies on chemical fertilizer at the rate of 20% a year, and raise support price so that farmer can cover the cost of organic fertilizers.

10. Cancel subsidies on diesel at the rate of 20% a year. Raise support prices to cover the increase in the costs.’

11. Cancel all electricity subsidies at the rate of 20% a year. Raise support prices to cover the increase in the costs.

12. Cancel subsidies to tractors at the rate of 20% a year. And raise support prices to cover the costs farmer will have to bear to buy tractor and/or use bullocks.

13. Improve ration card system by enacting Right to Recall District Supply Officer and giving choice to citizens to change Ration Card Owner

14. Add pulses to Ration Card System.

15. Add desi cow milk to Ration Card System

16. Impose agricultural land tax of 2% value above 5 acres per farmer family member. Farmer family member will be a person whose non-farming income is below Rs 200,000 a year and lives in the same village in which land is for at least 180 days in that year. This will reduce absentee landlordism and decrease in absentee landlordism will increase per acre output.

17. Right to Recall over Civil Supply Minister and Right to Recall over District Supply Officer will reduce corruption in Ration Card department.

18. Complete computerization of all records in civil supply department and putting the records on net

19. Integrating ration card shops with end users via SMS

20. Banning use of human edible grains for animal feeding

21. Jury trial for adulteration accused cases and Narco Test in Public by Approval of Jurors on those accused for quick and fair trial

22. The milk will have explicit label of cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk. The label will also specify whether the milk is from “desi cow”, “geer cow” or “jersey cow”.

23. The milk have label displaying fat and protein contents, and possibility of heart attack depending on fat level, as determined by Medical Council of India. This will reduce the consumption of buffalo milk

24. There should be one panjara-pol (or gau-shaalaa) in every colony of 10,000 to 30,000 in cities. Thus the cities will have at least 1-2 gau-shaalaa in each ward.

25. Selling cow milk at subsidized rate via ration card shops (desi cow milk of about 100 ml per person per day will bought at cost plus 7% profits and will be sold at 50% less price via ration card shops)

26. Enabling ration card shop owner to deliver food and milk at home for cost. The end user will pay cost in cash or kind.

Please see details in chapter 57 of or contact us

16. Improving National ID (Uid)

1. Printing a clause to imprison or death sentence to non-citizen if he applies for Uid

2. Linking person`s Uid with Uid of parents and blood relatives

3. Linking a person’s Uid with employer and place of employment

4. Jury Trial over Uidai staff

5. Linking a person`s Uid with Bank account, Pan Card and DNA data

Whenever cost becomes affordable, DNA prints of all citizens should be added in id system. In the beginning, the DNA prints should be made compulsory for all Govt servants, then all citizens who earn above Rs 10 lakhs a year, then citizens who earn Rs 5 lakhs a year, then all citizens who earn Rs 200,000 a year and then all citizens at their cost and time.

These steps will help in tracking illegal immigrants and expel them. They will also help to track and punish tax evaders.

Please see details in chapter 31 of or contact us

17. Reduce inflation, Improve RBI

(1) What is the real cause of inflation?

Answer 1 (A1) –

Inflation in general increases ONLY when rupees (M3) are manufactured in form of loans etc. and given to the rich increasing rupee volume per citizen, increasing rupee supply and decreasing value of rupee and increasing the value of other items such as food, oil etc.

As per RBI figures, rupee volume per citizen (total amount of rupees in the form of cash, deposits, coins divided by the number of citizens) in 1950s was approximately Rs. 65 per citizen and in 2011 it is approximately, Rs. 50,000/- per citizen.

The value of everything is relative and is determined according to demand and supply.

Let us consider this with a example. Say there is a market and nothing else for simplicity sake. In the market, there is a seller selling 10 kilo potatoes and a buyer having Rs.100. Say, in next scenario, the seller has instead of 10 kilo potatoes, 20 kilo potatoes, will the cost of potatoes decrease or increase ?

Easy guess- It will decrease since the supply of potatoes has increased.

In another scenario, say that the seller has 10 kilo potatoes but there are now two buyers with each Rs.100. Now, will the cost of potatoes increase or decrease ?

Easy guess- The cost of potatoes will increase since the supply of rupees has increased and the value of the rupee will decrease and other items costs including food, petrol, gas etc. will increase.

This same thing happens in reality.

(2) Who manufactures rupees and Where did the rupees (rupees = M3 is defined as sum of all notes, coins and Fixed deposits) come from ?

 Answer 2 (A2) –

The Reserve bank has licence to manufacture it and also Scheduled Banks (Banks licensed by Reserve Bank to manufacture rupees in form of F.Ds). There is no Gold standard which was abolished since decades, the RBI-gov on instruction of the government manufactures them.

Only RBI can print notes and mint coins but scheduled banks like SBI, ICICI etc., can also manufacture rupees (M3) in the form of F.Ds.

This increase in supply of rupees decreases the value of rupees and increases the costs of other items including food, oil prices and causes general inflation.

(3) Why does the RBI and scheduled banks manufacture rupees ?

Answer 3 (A3) –

They do so for the rich. Let me give you a example. Say there is a rich company, which has connections with the RBI governor, finance minister etc. They take loan of Rs. 1000 crore from a government bank and pay back Rs. 200 crore. And since they have connections, they will tell the RBI-gov, FM, etc that they will give them cuts/bribes in return for allowing to declare their company bankrupt.

So the company is declared bankrupt. Now, if the bank declares this loss of Rs. 800 crore, then the bank will also become bankrupt and the bank customers also will loose their deposited money and the customers who are common citizen-voters will raise hue and cry and the government will have to face wrath of public. To avoid this, the government asks the RBI-governor/scheduled banks to manufacture Rs. 800 crore rupees. This excess of supply when comes into the market will decrease the value of rupee and increase the cost of the goods.

(4) What is the solution for stopping this? We need to remove the government or we need to make good policies ?

A4 –

This illegal rupee manufacturing for the rich has been happening during Congress and also BJP governments` rule. So, removing the government and installing other government will not solve the problem.

Following are the solutions-

a) Right to recall Reserve Bank Governor and Right to Recall-Finance Minister - Presently, the RBI governor corruptly manufactures rupees for the rich on instructions of the government. Once the posts of RBI governor and FM are DIRECTLY accountable to the masses, they will not do so. Please see the procedure of RTR-RBI governor in chapter 9 of

b) The RBI governor should be able to manufacture rupees ONLY with the approval of 51% of the citizens of India. For this, we need Transparent Complaint/Proposal procedure (see chapter 1 of

Please also see chapter 23 of and for details of `Real Cause of Inflation`

18. Improving Moral Values, National character and Moral Education

Today, a citizen right from birth sees and learns that corrupt can easily suppress submitted evidence, complaints etc of a person with less communication tools and less connections. The citizen sees that corrupt can easily form nexuses with corrupt police, corrupt judges and corrupt politicians etc. With the help of these nexuses, the corrupt retain their job and are not punished and cases on them go on and on for years until they die. So, a young citizen learns that it is more beneficial to be corrupt than be honest.

The moral values, national character and moral education will improve if and only when policemen, courts conduct cases with least unfairness and speedily. In a country, where policemen and courts deliberately delay cases and through unfairness, morality will remain low, no matter how preaching and teaching is done. Once we commons ensure that policemen\courts are not harassing innocents and sparing the guilty, the crime, corruption, partiality and repression decreases, moral values and moral education will automatically improve.

Following are the Gazette drafts we propose to improve moral education in India -

1. Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure – This citizens` media portal will enable citizens to display copy of their evidences, complaints if they wish, on PM website along with their Voter number. This will ensure that submitted evidences, complaints are not suppressed.  If this law is printed in Gazette, persons will learn that doing bad things like crime, corruption will expose them in Public with proof and be a huge loss. See details of this proposal in a previous section.

2. Jury System, Right to Recall judges – This will ensure quick and fair trial. This will teach the person that breaking law and harming society leads to punishment and a loss to the person.

3. Right to Recall Police Chief, Jury System over Policemen – Will deter from manipulating submitted evidences and not doing proper investigation

4. Recall over other important government posts like ministers – This will teach the citizen that unethical behavior can lead to loss of job

5. Teaching law as subject : Law-drafts should be taught as a subject to students, starting whichever level parent approve. This will help student to learn and decide which law is ethical and which is unethical and instruct their Public Servants to remove unethical laws.

Please see details in chapter 66 of or contact us

19. Reducing alcoholism and drug addiction and related crime

Today, most CMs try to tackle this problem by banning alcohol and even soft drugs like bhang etc. But this only results in illegal smuggling and illegal sale of methanol-adulterated alcohol resulting in deaths and severe illness of those consuming adulterated alcohol. While the de-addiction centers` state of affairs is very poor.

Opium, hashish and other soft drugs reduce the demand for psychiatric drugs. The opium also reduces demand of pain-killer drugs. And so pharmaceutical company owners bribed eminent intellectuals to create a campaign against opium, hashish and then they bribed MPs etc. to enact laws to ban opium, hashish. The ban on opium, hashish also increased the bribe money policemen, Ministers and judges etc. were getting. The ill effect of ban is that prices of opium, hashish went up by 100 times, and so the opium addict had to resort to crimes like theft and resulting violence to buy opium.

But if opium if legalized, then opium will be cheaper than coffee or tea, and no one will need to resort to violence to pay for opium. Banning opium resulted into higher use of more harmful drugs such as smack etc a they give more “kick” per cubic centimeter of volume. And why should volume in cubic-cm become a factor? Because when something is banned, peddlers’ overheads depends more on volume in cubic-cm and not on transport costs. The drugs like smack etc. take less volume in cubic-centimeters and so are cheaper than opium for peddlers. This further worsened the health of addicts, and increased the sale of pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, ban on opium has increased sale of tobacco and cancers. This further increased the sale of pharmaceutical companies. So all in all, opium benefits only pharmaceutical companies and corrupt policemen, judges, Ministers, and ruins the addicts and also increases crime rate in the society.

Will legalizing hashish reduce crimes or increases crimes? As a real example, Netherlands legalized opium and number of serious convicts reduced from over 14000 in Jan-2002 to 12000 in Jan-2009 !! Netherlands is one of the few countries in world where high security prisons are being shut down !!

The Netherlands model was adopted by other countries like Portugal also and they also had similar results. Netherlands etc. countries along with legalizing opium also improved the rehabilitation system for addicts.

So shall we legalize opium? We propose public vote on this issue using TCP. When opium legalization is put for public vote, majority of citizens will realize that banning opium worsens the health of addict and increases the risk on life and property of non-addicts. So most addicts will vote YES, so will their family members and so will most non-addicts. And thus without any smear campaign, opium will get legalized.

20. Cancel tax treaties Mauritius, Singapore, Fiji TODAY itself. No delay

Mauritius, Singapore, Fiji tax treaties is a major route of black money being invested and converted into white. Also, these routes ensure that those having company headquarters in these countries pay less tax compared to those who have company headquarters in India. This results in unfair suppression of the local industries even if they are efficient.

Please see more details at

21. Demonetization of currency - Time Pass and Real Solution of Black Wealth

Black wealth is created due to corruption, crime or tax evasion. Most of the black wealth is in form of black property, black gold and assets in foreign countries as black foreign currency and black foreign property. Cash recovery has been less than 6% of the undisclosed income seized from tax evaders, shows an HT analysis of data from tax raids from financial year 2012-13 onwards, writes Appu Esthose Suresh in Paid Hindustan Times of Nov 12 2016.

Even if Government of India (GoI) removes all notes and leaves ONLY Re 1 coin, then also corruption will remain same !!! Because if medium becomes problem, corrupt people and terrorists will switch to bitcoins, silver, gold or dollars

There are plenty of mediums that GoI can`t track and even God can`t track

Solution is to fix laws that remove ability of IAS / IPS / judges / Ministers to extract bribes and ability of terrorists to make fake notes. Blocking medium will only prompt people to switch to another medium

Please see solutions and more details at chapter 41, 25, 1, 6

Solutions  -

1) ALL property (individual and trust) and their land holdings should be searchable by name, Voter number on net

For example – If someone wants to find how much property and which property Mr. X having such and such Voter number owns, it will be visible to all and anyone can also search the same information.

This will help the public to know who has how much land and property and will help officials to track black property and benami property.

2) Deemed auction on sale of property – When a person sells land or property to a buyer A, the property name transfer will be hold for 30 days.  If a third party comes within 30 days with over 25% more than the sale price, then land officer will give 120% of the sale price to the buyer, and put the name of third party as next potential owner. And after taking his bid, he will wait for another 30 days for another bid which must be 25% higher than the bid last made. The final buyer will be declared as owner only after no more bid comes for 30 days after the last bid made. Hence, volume of black cash in land will drop to below 20% 

See more details in

3) Proposed Effective Wealth tax and streamlining of taxes by ending VAT, GST etc. – Land cannot be easily hidden as compared to cash etc. So, Effective Wealth tax is more efficient to collect and gives more tax collection than income tax or other forms of tax. Wealth tax reduces land hoarding and decreases value of land, increases growth and reduces unemployment. How ?

Consider a person who has bought 10 flats for hoarding. Say each flat is worth Rs 20 lakhs. As per wealth tax law, he may be able to skip out 1 or 2 flats, but on the rest, he will have to pay 1% of Rs 1.60 cr as tax every year or pay.

The effective wealth tax stops hoarding of the land and thus brings down the land prices. Since land is main component required to start any business, due to the lower land prices, lower cost of land lowers the cost of land for entrepreneurs leading to flourishing of new businesses and thus number of business increase, and so does employment. In Other Words, Effective Wealth tax does not discourage. 

Effective Wealth tax does not harm those who are not hoarding land and property and are utilising the property by using it for industry, business etc. since there will exemptions for income tax paid and salaries given to employees. See more details at

22. Housing : Reducing and stabilizing House prices

The proposed effective wealth tax and proposed MRCM (Mineral Royalty for Commons and Military) Gazette Notification will stop hoarding of the land and thus bring down the land prices. If price of land falls, then housing price and thus house rents will fall, which will improve quality of the lives of us commons. Many of us commons who live in slums will be able to move to say 1BHK flats. And if price of land falls, number of businesses will rise (since as real estate cost drops, it becomes easy for craftsmen to start their business), and we commons will have far more jobs and better salaries.

Please see more details of proposed MRCM and Effective Wealth tax in chapter 5, 25,

23. Health : Improving Medicare system

Today, the medical education is falling apart and health care costs are rising day by day. Due to rise of self-finance colleges, many brilliant students are not able to get admission and seats are passing to far less studious and intelligent students. So the quality of doctors will degrade rapidly in times to come. Plus, the Ministers\IAS are making cumbersome laws that will reduce the competition in pharmacy business, and thus will drive up the medicine costs. What Gazette Notification drafts can reduce the problems?

We propose following to improve medical education and reduce medicine costs (drafts yet not ready) :

1. Right to Recall National Health Minister, State Health Minister, District Health Officer, Medical Council of India Chairman and State Medical Council Chairman : This will reduce corruption in apex body as well improve general efficiency and transparency.

2. Many times doctors deliberately prescribe expensive medicine when cheaper medicine is available. Solution? If patient wants to disclose the medicine he is taking, the pharmacists will enter the list of medicine patient took along with his mobile number and email ID. So that competing companies may send him list of same medicine with cheaper price

3. Using TCP, remove product patent and re-install process patent law. This will help many small companies to start manufacturing and thus increase competition and thus result in reduction of prices.

4. Using TCP, enact a law that MBBS cannot leave India for 8 years and DM cannot leave for another 2 years and MD cannot leave India for 3 another years.

5.  Using TCP, abolish all self-finance seats in medicine. All medical colleges will have zero tuition fees

6. The Government will make a website, on which pharmacy companies, registered doctors etc. can suggest “equivalent medicines” for a given brand name. This will enable patient to know if the doctor has suggested an expensive medicine or cost-effective medicine.

24. Climate Change and Environmental Protection

An air pollution indicator, PM10 (particles with diameter of 10 micrometers or less), with 1,680 micrograms per cubic metre in Delhi is amongst the highest in the world.

In Paris – when PM10 was at more than 80 micrograms per cubic meter of air particles, considered worst air pollution in Paris in 10 years, Public transport was made free !

Our waters and land are also amongst the most polluted in the country compared to other countries. Why ?

Because other countries have better systems like Jury system, Right to recall over various posts etc. prevent these companies to form nexus with corrupt officials and flout anti-corruption rules. Because the Replace procedures will ensure that 99% of officials improve their behavior and take action against the anti-corruption rules violating companies. Jury system, in which randomly chose 15-1500 citizens give judgement instead of judges, leading to quick and fair trail, when in place installs a fear of being punished within a short time by the citizens.

Please see more details on proposed Recall procedures and Jury system in chapter 6, 21

25. Encouraging Indian Languages

A. Brief Introduction

We often see politicians and activists raising hue and cry over a particular language. Activist would like to promote his/her favorite language and would like it to dominate over other languages and be used in administration, schools, offices and courts. But first let us understand which factors help in a language gaining domination.

B. Factors affecting Domination or non-domination of a language

In short, the factors which help a language to dominate over other languages can be divided into those affecting the demand of the language or affecting the supply of the language –

a. Demand of the language – Factors which naturally or artificially increase demand of the language are military and economic strength of the language speakers, whether they hold high positions in administration and courts, number of users of the language, whether the language is utilized in scientific and technical systems like movies, computer programming etc. and other market factors.

b. Supply of the language – Factors which increase supply of the language are how efficiently the education system is able to spread the language – words and its grammar to the common masses.

Let us explain these factors with some examples –

a. Examples of Demand affecting factors –

a1. Military and economic strength of the language speakers – Example – At one time, rule of UK was spread all over the world leading to usage of English language to be widespread. Those countries like USA, China who manufacture and sell items in demand in international market like electronics are able to spread their language more effectively.

a2., a3. Positions of speakers of a language in courts and administration, Number of users of the language  –

Most of our previous prime ministers were from Uttar Pradesh where hindi is spoken majorly leading to its dominance in the country. Also, hindi is understood by more than 60% of the population of the country.

a4. Whether the language is utilized in scientific circles and technical systems like movies, computer programming etc. –

The Bollywood movies do lot of business in the country and outside the country and with the movies which are watched by crores all over the world promote hindi.

a5. Other market factors –

Other market factors also play an important role in creating demand for a language. For example, English fonts use less bit space than Unicode languages, so SMS sent in indian languages which are in Unicode take 2-3 times more space than SMS sent in English. Therefore, SMS sent in English or in english fonts is more prevalent. Similarly, files having Unicode text take 2-3 times more disk space than their non-unicode counterparts.

b. Example of Supply affecting factors –

Jews from all over the world settled in Israel who were speaking completely different languages. And Ancient Hebrew was no longer spoken and not having words for things used as of today. So, the Israelis communicated amongst themselves and made a modern Hebrew language. But just making a language is not sufficient. The Israelis also developed a transparent, efficient and less corrupt education system which helped to teach the new language to the Israeli masses and commons.

C. Our proposals for encouraging Indian languages

1.    Voters of each state to decide official language of the state via State level TCP media portal – Voters of each state will decide which 3 languages to be taught in school and used in State courts, administration and offices. TCP media portal at state level will help decide this. Via TCP media portal, parents can give instructions to officials which language to be taught in schools. Please see more about TCP media portal at this  link.

2.    Bilingual school books and official documents – After the voters decide via TCP which 2 or 3 languages to be used officially, school books can made bi-lingual with a book having matter in one language on one page and the same matter in another language on the following page. Same to be done with other official documents like laws etc.

3.    We propose increasing Swadeshi manufacturing by 100% Indians. This will help in increasing demand of Indian languages. Please see details  at this link.